[618]basic_consume() got multiple values for keyword argument ‘queue’

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Today, a PIP install pika was installed on the new server, and then the program connecting to MQ reported an error

Error message: Basic_ Later, I learned that it was a version problem. I looked at the original version of 0.12 and the newly installed version of 1.01

method 1: PIP install pika = = 0.12 install version 0.12

Method 2:

channel.basic_consume(msg_consumer, queue="hello-queue", consumer_tag="hello-consumer")

Change to

channel.basic_consume("hello-queue", msg_consumer, consumer_tag="hello-consumer")

That’s good. The position of the parameters in the source code has changed

Reference: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50404273/python-tutorial-code-from-rabbitmq-failing-to-run

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