SoapUI Call Error: error reading xmlstreamreader [How to Solve]

About soapUI call error: error reading xmlstreamreader:

Record the process of solving each small bug without taking steps:

Problem Description:

Today is the first time to use WebService, and it is also the first time to call WebService. When calling with soapUI, an error is generated

Error reading xmlstreamreader: unexpected character

If it is deleted in the front, an error will be reported, and the text value behind it will be displayed

An error is reported after deleting the text values in all tags:

Error reading XMLStreamReader: Unexpected EOF in prolog

Through online inquiry, some people said it was a format error. After careful inspection, they found that there was no format error, and the verification was successful through the software itself


Later, it was found that the back-end authentication was not released, so it was released. Finally, the problem was solved.

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