An error prompt appears during the installation of win10 PostgreSQL: “failed to load SQL modules into the database cluster”

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System: Windows 10

PostgreSQL version: postgresql-10.9-2-windows-x64

PostGIS version: postgis-bundle-pg10x64-setup-2.5.2-1

The result of the title prompt: PostgreSQL is not completely installed. If you forcibly confirm that the installation is successful, there is an unknown risk in the database, so you must exclude this error prompt

Reference thread: Chinese: 37506845/article/details/77620907


Implementation steps:

1. Create a local user with the windows name of “ Postgres ” The specific steps are as follows

2. Create a folder named PostgreSQL under disk D, and right-click the folder – > Attribute – > Select safe options and select Edit – > Add Postgres users, and set users to obtain full control permissions, as shown in the following figure:


3. Restart the computer, still log in with your original local account, and then open the CMD command line. Enter: runas/ user:postgres cmd.exe

4. Enter the access and control password of the postres local user, as shown in the figure below


5. Store PostgreSQL in the directory D: PostgreSQL, and create a new folder named “10” in this directory. As shown in the figure below:


6. Run the installation software, and the installation directory can be found in D: postgresql-10


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