An error was reported when flash DB init was running, and the init DB command could not be found

flask init-db

The result is ` error: no such command “init DB”

That’s because init DB has been replaced by flash DB init

run flask db init error

The reason is that you can’t find the file in your project, so you can’t confirm that your project is a flash project

I’m here because I renamed app. Py to manage. Py


SQLALCHEMY_ DATABASE_ Uri and Sqlalchemy_ TRACK_ Modifications configuration error

Problem solving

The error report means, sqllchemy_ DATABASE_ Uri and Sqlalchemy_ TRACK_ Modifications both are required and cannot be omitted

You need to check whether there are these two items in the settings

If it is already set in the settings, please check whether the settings are before configuring the database. The order is very important

2. mysql 1366 VARIABLE_ VALUE incorrect

2. Problem solving

If the connection engine is not configured when configuring mysql, this error will be reported

The solution is as follows

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