Android Call requires API level 11 [How to Solve]

[cause analysis]

Unknown. Maybe it has something to do with runandroid lint. When creating a project, we set the minimum version of apilevel. For example, my version is 8. Therefore, eclipse checks the API I call and finds that the version number is not compatible with the lower version. For example, the “Notification. Builder” I use is only available at level 11 or above, which naturally exceeds 8, so it prompts an error


Right click Project – > Androidtools-> Clearlinkmarkers. Can temporarily solve this problem, but if the simulator used for debugging is of a lower version, this error will still exist after debugging

If the user SDK in the manifest file android:minSdkVersion It’s OK to change it to the higher version that reported the error. For example:

< uses-sdk

android:minSdkVersion= “11”// this was 8 before

android:targetSdkVersion= “17”/>



This kind of error occurs not only in level 11, but also in other code with a minimum version set but a higher version API. The solution should be the same

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