C1189 #error: “No Target Architecture”

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Root cause:

This is because it contains some header files that windows. H already contains, such as “fileapi. H” and “winuser. H”, but it does not contain windows. H
it contains “fileapi. H” and “winuser. H” first, and then contains windows. H, which is not in the right order

Let’s start with the solution:

just add include “windows. H” to the code, or adjust the order and put winows. H in front of it or

Online solutions:

Add to project_ AMD64_ Macro (the other three can also be used) can also solve the problem
specific method: right click the project name — > Attribute — > C/C++–> Preprocessor — > Add a macro as follows:

specific process:

When I call the shellexecute function, I will prompt the error “no target architecture”. The code is simplified as follows:

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "WinUser.h"
#include <ShellAPI.h>
int main()
    ShellExecute(0, NULL, L"http://www.baidu.com", NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL);
    return 0;

The location error is in WinNT. H

#if defined(_AMD64_) || defined(_X86_)
#elif defined(_IA64_) || defined(_ARM_) || defined(_ARM64_)

#elif !defined(RC_INVOKED)
#error "No Target Architecture"

The reason is that there is no definition of (_ AMD64_) 、(_ X86_) When the compiler detects these macros, it throws an exception

When shellexecute is called, SW_ Show normal prompt can’t be found, check, SW_ Shownormal is defined in “winuser. H”, so “include” winuser. H “

“Winuser. H” defines all API exported by user32.dll and various macro definitions, such as WM representing message ID_* Macro, most of the APIs related to windows UI are defined in winuser. H. This file is included in windows. H

So it’s usually direct include & lt; windows.h> As mentioned above (_ AMD64_) 、(_ X86_) It was also defined in windows. H first, so an error was reported

In this case, winuser and & lt; ShellAPI.h> Can be deleted, including a windows. H can be directly

What are the important header files in windows. H:

Windows. H is one of the most important header files. It contains other windows header files, some of which also contain other header files. The most important and basic of these header files are:

Windef. H basic data type definition
WinNT. H supports Unicode type definition
winbase. H kernel function
winuser. H user interface function// in this example, shellexecute is defined here
wingdi. H graphic device interface function

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