cause: Fail to decode request due to: RpcInvocation [How to Solve]

Stack: Failed to invoke the method getRefundDetail in the service com.raycloud.zdtrade.api.IRefundService. Tried 6 times of the providers [] (1/1) from the registry on the consumer using the dubbo version 2.6.2. Last error is: Failed to invoke remote method: getRefundDetail, provider: dubbo://, cause: Fail to decode request due to: RpcInvocation [methodName=getRefundDetail, parameterTypes=[class com.raycloud.zdtrade.api.request.RefundRequest], arguments=null, attachments={path=com.raycloud.zdtrade.api.IRefundService, input=458, dubbo=2.6.2, version=1.0.0-dev-out}]

Upgrade of jar package from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 causes.

Checking ideas: 
1. whether to pass parameters to achieve Serializable
2. whether the jar package version is the same on both sides
3. whether the dubbo service version is correct

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