classes could not be found: –

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The students who just entered the studio have encountered many problems . This is the problem I once encountered. I hope I can help you. If it helps, please remember to praise it

Rendering Problems

The following classes could not be found: – (Fix Build Path, Create Class)

Tip: Try to build the project.


The reason for this problem is that in the growth of studio, the actionbar has been out, and it recommends that you use the toolbar

Solution 1:

Find the project directory RES/values/ststyles.xml, and prepare to modify the apptheme settings
to find the property parent = “theme. Appcompat. Light. Darkactionbar” and change it to parent = “base. Theme. Appcompat. Light. Darkactionbar” is to add the prefix “base.” to the original parent property value

Modified screenshot:

OK, when you return your layout file, it’s OK

Solution 2: change the API version as shown in the figure, and change to a lower version of the API

Solution 3: similar to method 1, only change the value of parent to something else, and change it to theme. Appcompat. Light. Noactionbar

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