Download the APK installation file of the free app directly from the Google play store

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Some time ago, I found a website made by foreign netizens , which is really helpful for mainland users using Android phones. Its function is to download APK files of free applications from Google play. As everyone knows, Chinese mainland Android mobile phones have various difficulties in accessing Google Play Store. Besides being unable to purchase paid applications, they can not download and install many excellent free applications at home and abroad. The threshold of using paid applications is slightly higher. We can ignore them temporarily, but many free applications restrict Chinese mainland users to download and use mobile phone. I won’t agree to that. Although the reason given by Google play store is that it is not compatible with my mobile phone or tablet device, I know it is just an excuse, so I must find a proper way to download it and install it successfully

The purpose of the above website is to download and install the APK file of free app directly from Google play store. Next, let’s see how to operate the website after it is opened. The following is a screenshot of the website:

You can see from the figure that the page is very simple, with only one text box and one button. The way to use it is to copy and paste the URL address of the free app on Google play store, and then click [generate download link] to generate a new download link. Through the latter, we can easily download to the app’s APK file. Here I use the Google play store link of Yahoo Mail mobile client( )As an example, after entering the URL address and clicking the [generate download link] blue button, the interface is as follows:

At this point, it means that the new download address has been generated. Click the green button of [click here to download…] to download the APK file. The operation is very simple and convenient

However, it should be noted that the URL must be the Google play store address containing the full package name of the application, just like the address of Yahoo Mail above. The package name following the ID is instead of other names. Only with this ID can the package be downloaded successfully. Another point is that this website can only download free application installation packages. For paid applications, due to the strict restrictions of foreign copyright laws, it can do nothing

In addition, when I use this website, I find that the owner of the website seems to be constantly updating the website. Now the content of the page is more and more. Previously, there was only a search and download interface, but now it has developed a Chrome extension. At the bottom of the page, there are also user guides, user donations and comments. So far, there are 1160 comments, It seems that there are quite a lot of users. Those who are interested can go and have a look by themselves

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