Eperm: operation not permitted, unlink

Recently, I was working on an e-commerce operation background management system. After pulling, I tried to install the wheel imported and exported from excel, which I had built in NPM before. The error message was as follows:

after all kinds of Baidu, I finally found out the reason. It turned out that my NPM was foreign, and I didn’t switch to the domestic Taobao image, resulting in slow download and packet loss


1. First, delete the node_ Modules file
there are two ways: 1. Delete directly in the folder; 2; ②rm -r node_ Delete modules command line
2. Clear NPM cache: NPM cache clean — force
3. After switching the image, NPMI can install all the files

If the above solution still can’t be solved, restart vscode, and my plan is to restart the automatic update

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