Error “modulenotfounderror: no module named” in installing flash in Python 3.8_ ctypes’”

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I wanted to configure the flash + nginx + uwsgi environment in CentOS. As a result, there are problems in installing the most basic flash package… Here is my environment:

Server: alicloud ECS centos7

Python version: 3.8.0

Problem Description:

When executing the command “ PIP3 install flash ” to install flash, the following error occurs:

from _ctypes import Union, Structure, Array
    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '_ctypes'

From the error description, it is missing_ Ctypes module. According to the online search results, this error mostly occurs when installing Python 3.7 or above. The solutions are as follows:

Solution to this error when installing Python:

The reason is that the package “libffi devel” is missing. You can use Yum to install it

yum install libffi-devel

— refer to “Begonia is not full”

However, for me, the problem has not been solved. I still report the same error when I execute PIP installation command again after installing libffi devel, but most people can solve it perfectly through the above methods, which can not help but cause my thinking


The difference between me and the above solution is that I didn’t make an error when installing Python 3.8, but after I owned Python 3.8, I made an error when installing flash

Inspired by Bryan, he installed “libffi devel” and then re installed Python to solve the problem

I didn’t make any explicit errors when installing Python 3.8. I guess it might be the optimization of Python 3.8 relative to 3.7, but the problem is still unsolved. Therefore, after installing “libffi devel”, I choose to re install Python 3.8. For the installation process, please refer to here

The problem has finally been solved. Long live the reload

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