Execution default-resources of goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-resources-plugin:3.2.0:resources failed.


I found this error today, and then checked the code as a whole. I didn’t find any errors. Finally, I can’t just check it step by step.


Determine if there is a problem with the POM file

As shown in the figure above, there is a red wavy line, which represents an error. Please check and solve it. Whether the versions conflict. It is best to delete unnecessary dependencies first.

Determine if there is a problem with the YML file

Whether there is a red wavy line in the YML file and whether there is a problem with the YML syntax. Similarly, delete unnecessary configurations

Clear the cache of idea

After clearing the cache, manually delete the target folder

As above, re run the project


Finally, I found that the problem is the cache problem of idea. After deleting unnecessary configurations, manually delete the tartset directory and restart the operation. It’s OK.

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