Failed to find provider info for

After chopping hands, the fraud call came before the express delivery was received. How to improve the privacy and security of e-commerce>>>

The main reason for this error is the signature pair of the package! What we need to do is to generate a signature and fill in it on Sina. If the problem still exists, you can continue to look

Before, I used Sina Weibo Android SDK to write a small Weibo to play by myself, and now I want to use it. It’s always stuck in the authorization section, as long as the authorization is wrong

The code is as follows



Failed to find provider info for

I also found a lot on the Internet, all of them asked this question, but I didn’t find the answer

Finally, there’s no way to look at Sina’s development document, and there’s no way to find it. There’s a paragraph about authorization in it

I believe a lot of novices are like me. After reading this, they just follow this to write. However, things that make you very angry happen. You will find that there is no weiboauth class at all

Demo authorization code is above, but has been reported

Failed to find provider info for

It’s maddening. After all, it’s a novice who doesn’t know how to solve it

Finally, I can only go to his source code page to see if there is an answer to this question I want

So I put the demo down

What we need to confirm here is

The information here is consistent with what we generated, so we can log in happily

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