Failed to install node with. MSI, rolling back action (Reprint)

Reprint address: 33295622/article/details/52956369
the situation shown in the figure above appears when the node is reinstalled, and the solutions are as follows:
1. Download the stable version of node.exe from the official website, and select 32bit or 64bit according to the actual situation

here I choose 64bit, After downloading, get node.exe
2 Download the latest version of NPM
3. Create the node.js folder under the C:: program files file, and put the node.exe and the unzipped NPM in it
4. Configure environment variables, right-click computer – properties – advanced system settings – environment variables, and add C:: program files – node.js to the user variable path, Add a new variable node to the system variable_ Path, and the value of the variable is C:// program files \ \ node. JS \ \ node_ Modules

5. At this time, you can enter CMD in windows search, open cmd.exe, enter node – V and NPM – V respectively

the NPM version I download here is 1.4.9, enter NPM install [email protected] -g. You can download the NPM of the specified version to get the result above
so far, node.js and NPM have been successfully installed

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