FileZilla 425 Can’t open data connection

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Win 2008 server + FileZilla FTP server, FTP port: 7890

FTP server and port access are allowed in the firewall. After setting, FileZilla FTP client can connect in passive mode, but the error is: 425 can’t open data connection, unable to read the directory list. The server also prompts: 425 can’t open data connection


1. First, try to cancel the passive mode of FileZilla FTP client or instinctive list

2. We can only find the reason on the server

FileZilla FTP Server-> Edit-> Settings-> Passive mode settings: specify the port range used in passive mode, open the front of use custom port range, set the port range from 2014 to 2020, and then open these ports in windows firewall

3. Open port 2014-2020 in the middle of security group

OK, problem solved, client connection normal, can list

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