Git Bash Run “ssh-add pathName” Error: “Could not open a connection to your authentication agent.”

Recently, when I contacted laravel, I started using GIT and installed windows for GIT. When I pushed GitHub, I failed the verification. I didn’t add SSH to GitHub account

Follow the tutorial step by step to “SSH add pathname” and the following information will appear:

Most of Baidu said to execute Eval ‘SSH agent – s’ first. However, as shown in the figure above, it has already been executed, and it is still so. So continue with Baidu. Fortunately, we have finally found a solution

Solution: SSH agent is required to start bash, or to hang bash under SSH agent

[specific operation]:

[email protected] MINGW64 /d/XAMpp/htdocs/gitwork (master)
$ ssh-agent bash --login -i

[email protected] MINGW64 /d/XAMpp/htdocs/gitwork (master)
$ ssh-add
Identity added: /c/Users/way/.ssh/id_rsa (/c/Users/way/.ssh/id_rsa)


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