Git review :error: unpack failed: error Missing tree

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git version 1.9.1
Gerrit Code Review (2.11.3)
phenomenon. After modification, the call can be submitted to the user, and then the error will occur if the user is modified by using the data. If you do not modify the commit message, but only modify and add files, you can use — amend to submit and then git review

error: unpack failed: error Missing tree 8d89499daadf6417347218b630b5cae57e7fa27c
fatal: Unpack error, check server log
To ssh://[email protected] :29418/test-project1.git
! [ remote rejected] HEAD -> refs/publish/master (n/a (unpacker error))
error: failed to push some refs to ‘ ssh://[email protected] : 29418/test-project1. Git ‘
after multi-party data search, it is a problem of thin push when submitting. It is on by default and should be turned off

Some people say

Add disablethinpush = true in Gerrit node under. Git review of the project
add disablethinpush = true in/etc/git review/git review. Conf
use git push — no thin… To solve this problem, because this is a bug
involving unclosed patch when changing the database, updating Gerrit database
OK, I admit that I am a rookie in Git usage, I’m just using git review to submit. For a long time, the N solutions listed above failed

Well, tell me about a plan I happened to get

Executing command git review — no thin: failed
inadvertently see that git review – h has a command line parameter – N
executing command git review – N:
please use the following command to send your commands to review:

Git push Gerrit head: refs/publish/Master
executing git push Gerrit head: refs/publish/Master: the same error

Execute git push — no thin Gerrit head: refs/publish/Master

It’s a success

Well, I’m stupid & amp& amp; I don’t understand the world of Tauren

add a conclusion, a lot of wordiness, in fact, only two sentences are the key
to execute git review, and if there is an error, execute git push — no thin Gerrit head: refs/publish/Master
to implement git review

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