gitlaberror: object file .git/objects/….. is empty

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But found that according to the above reference, there is still a problem, next posted my personal treatment

Note: the above method needs to be processed on the remote server, that is, on gitlab, CD/MNT/data/git data/repositories/tontisa-xq/tontisa-xq-ui.git

Scene: the computer room is powered off, and the GIT file is damaged. Error: object file./objects/03/3a17bc5ecb32bdc14c27c3e92f0e02aec7aff9 is empty when the development computer executes git pull origin development

Treatment method:

Refer to the above article for processing, but the processing is as follows:

I’m dealing with the development branch: so it’s as follows:

cd /mnt/data/git-data/repositories/tontisa-xq/tontisa-xq-ui.git

cat refs/heads/develop

It is found that there is only one submission, that is, the submission point where the client pull reported an error, so the individual extra processing is as follows:

From colleagues’ clients, find the latest submission point of development, such as 2913373ae37a1514e9ee683511b20a3b0713a9b7

vim refs/heads/develop

Use: 2913373ae37a1514e9ee683511b20a3b0713a9b7 to replace the bad commit point of ref/heads/development, then OK

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