*** glibc detected *** java: free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x00000000024b19d0 ***

Why are there a series of technical challenges behind “OMG buy it”>>>

It’s a memory leak

(1) Generally, the memory that is not allocated is free

(2) The heap space operation allocated by malloc function is out of bounds. For example, strcpy (STR, PT), Pt points to a string of 20 bytes, STR points to the heap space allocated of 15 bytes

(3) There is also the allocation of memory forget to release, there may be such a problem

(4) Finally, it was found that the array loop was out of bounds, and it was written to other memory, and then the free area had such a problem

It is caused by allocate. A debug method is to define the matrix you suspect (for example, if it is released, it will report a memory error) as static, so that if it goes beyond the limit, it will report a segment error. Check in turn to see if your array is really out of bounds

Finally, it is verified that the internal IVS so array is out of bounds

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