How does eclipse ignore JS files with errors

The first step is to locate the error, select window – show view – other in the menu, and select problems


Step 2: click the item with Red Cross. In the problems view, you can see what the error is and the JS error in which folder


Step 3: after locating the error, right-click the item with the Red Cross, select properties, and the Properties box pops up

Step 4: in the pop-up menu, select include path under JavaScript directory, select excluded under source on the right, and then click Add Folder


Step 5: in the pop-up box, under exclusion patterns, click the Add button on the right to add the path to be ignored


Step 6: click add, select browse in the pop-up box, and select the file to be ignored under the project




Step 6: click OK and return to the project directory. You will see that the projects that reported the red cross just now have returned to normal

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