If the FTP server is accessed by CMD or PowerShell, there is no following after reporting port command successful. Consider using PASV

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  1. Windows ftp client doesn’t supportPASVmode yet,so if you want to usePASVmode, you may need to change your ftp client, for example: filezilla

Windows FTP client does not support passive mode yet, so if you want to use active mode, you may need to replace your FTP client, for example: FileZilla
2. FTP active mode means FTP server will connect to FTP client when client get file from server

FTP activity mode is the mode that the FTP server connects to the FTP client when the client obtains the file from the server

So if you have this problem and you don’t want to change your windows ftp client, please try to

So if you encounter this problem and you don’t want to replace your Windows FTP client, please try
stop your Windows Firewall and then try FTP again, if it works, add a rule for Windows/system32/ftp.exit your firewall allow process list

Stop your Windows Firewall and try to connect to FTP again after that, and add a rule in the allowed process of the firewall for Windows/system32/ftp.exe

From & lt; https://blog.csdn.net/jiang__ jiang/article/details/52164426>


The above content is from 2016. Although it is a little outdated, it still enlightens me. I set FTP in the firewall to allow TCP and UDP in both public and private network domains, and successfully log in to the FTP server that could not be used under windows before using other FTP terminals. In conclusion, I don’t know whether it’s the firewall, the FTP server line or the success of other FTP login. In a word, I successfully login with windows.

Good luck to you who didn’t succeed!

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