incorrect integer value for column [How to Solve]

Recently, I was using the Zend framework and installed a project, and found that

general error: 1366 incorrect integer value: ‘for column’ user appears when registering_ ID ‘at row 1

it’s strange to find that this ID is growing automatically. I found many blogs and finally found out the problem

this kind of problem usually appears on MySQL 5. X. I use MySQL 5.1. The official explanation says: I know that the new version of MySQL has a “bug” in inserting null values. To remove the default check “enable strict SQL mode” when installing mysql, what should we do if we have installed MySQL?The solution is to change the configuration in MySQL and find SQL mode in my.ini

my.ini, The default is: SQL mode = strict_ TRANS_ TABLES,NO_ AUTO_ CREATE_ USER,NO_ ENGINE_ “Substitution”, and modify it to

sql mode = “no”_ AUTO_ CREATE_ USER,NO_ ENGINE_ “Subscription”,

after restarting MySQL, what if it is a virtual host or space. If you can let space business help you change, that is the best, if not, then you can only change the program. Be more standard. Write null instead of null

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