IntelliJ idea always prompts no Scala SDK in module solution

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Performance features, project inside the build. Scala anything does not work, prompt a red, so fucked

Open the scala source code in SRC directory and prompt no Scala SDK in module

Then, after setting the SDK refresh dependency, the related Scala Lang package is gone again

If you directly compile Scala files, you will be prompted

W arning:scala : skipping Scala files without a Scala SDK in module(s) systemimport

Try to solve the problem

1) The problem of unloading and reloading the idea Scala plug-in has not been solved

2) The problem of unloading the idea SBT plug-in and reloading it has not been solved

3) Delete the. Idea folder under the project folder. Use idea to import the project again. It’s miraculous

It is also possible that step 1 and step 2 accumulate to take effect, but there is no direct test at the beginning (3)

Performance characteristics modulesdk-for-scala-in-intellij-idea

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