kube-proxy Error: Failed to delete stale service IP [How to Solve]

1. Fault description

While playing, I suddenly found that Kube proxy reported an error, which startled me. I have solved the error and will not reproduce it. Here, I directly quote the error reporting descriptions of other bloggers

6月 19 09:57:07 node1 kube-proxy[17770]: E0619 09:57:07.022125 17770 proxier.go:1319] Failed to delete stale service IP connections, error: error deleting connection tracking state for UDP service IP:, error: error looking for path
 of conntrack: exec: "conntrack": executable file not found in $PATH

2. Cause of failure


3. Solution

Execute on each node node

yum -y install conntrack
systemctl restart kube-proxy


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