linux:/lib/ version `glibc_2.7′ not foun

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Just now, the user reported that the RAR version of the server is low and gave a 4.0 running prompt

/lib/ version `GLIBC_ 2.7′ not found

Upgraded glibc Library of CentOS

yum -y update glibc

The problem remains. View glibc library information with command

rpm -qi glibc

The glibc library version of the display system is 2.5

In CentOS, it is the latest version to use the update command to 2.5, so you have to manually download the source code package of glibc 2.7 to compile and install the update


cd /usr/local/src


tar zxvf glibc-2.7.tar.gz

Glibc-2.7/configure # when executing the configure command, you cannot enter the glibc-2.7 folder, otherwise you cannot execute it

cd glibc-2.7

make && amp; make install

Note: sometimes there will be problems, saying that glibc may not be available, so it is recommended to modify the prefix. In this way, you can execute the command glibc-2.7/configure — prefix =/usr, and then execute make & amp; down& amp; make install

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