MyEclipse open JSP report unhandled event loop exception no more handles error

When using MyEclipse, an unhandled event loop exception no more handles error pops up. Click OK, and then close the workspace. After restarting the workspace, as soon as you click the JSP file, the error will pop up

Search for answers on the Internet and say to change the default JSP editing tool. The method is as follows:

windows -> preferences -> General -> Editors -> File associations to change the default editing tool for *. JSP files

This method has been tried, but it still has no effect

Continuing to search for answers, I found that I wanted to change/delete the workbench.xml file in the workspace. I tried to delete several newly added JSP/JS files in the workspace. After restarting, the problem remained the same. Later, I directly deleted the file. After restarting, I would not report the error. Deleting the file did not cause any negative impact

Workbench.xml file location: e::?MyEclipse_ workspace\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.ui.workbench

Find MyEclipse workspace and delete it

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