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Action: execute alter table aa_ table drop column hehe; Delete AA_ The hehe field in the table. Error 1114 (HY000): the table’s y_ transaction_ info’ is full。

To delete a field, the disk space needs to be larger than the space occupied by the table itself (for example, if the current table occupies 40 GB, the disk free space must be larger than 40 Gb)

According to the observation, it is inferred that the behavior of deleting fields is: create a new table, delete the field is no longer created, and then import the original table data into the new table

1. Check the disk usage (whether there is no disk space)

df -H

2. MySQL my.cnf configuration file, set TMP_ table_ Size is greater than max_ heap_ table_ size。

View MySQL installation path

show variables like “%char%”;

mysql> show variables like ‘%table_ size%’;

Modify my.cnf configuration file and restart mysql

-The configuration file of MySQL under Linux is my.cnf, which is usually placed in/etc/my.cnf,/etc/MySQL/my.cnf

Add or modify the configuration shown in the red box below

Restart MySQL

Modified successfully

Perform the operation again and you will be successful

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