Navicat even Oracle reports an error [no matching authentication protocol]

Error Description:

             An error is reported when navicatk connects to Oracle database (all connection settings are normal)

             ORA-28040:No matching authentication protocol

Error reason:

             Missing OCI corresponding to Oracle or missing OCI corresponding to Oracle version

             OCI is a file in the instant client, which is a compact version of ORALCE

Problem solving:

       1. Download the version of instance client according to different Oracle versions

              Oracle 9i or later requires instance client 11; Oracle, 8i need instance client 10

              32-bit download address:

              Note: Navicat only supports 32-bit clients, regardless of whether Navicat itself is 32-bit or 64 bit

                    In addition, to download the basic version, the non basic Lite version does not support Chinese

        2. Place the downloaded instance client in the corresponding file directory in Navicat

            ( (available through Navicat tools – Options – environment – OCI environment)

        3. Select the OCI file in the instant client just added in Navicat tools – Options – environment – OCI environment

File connection (instantclient)_11_2):

   Password: drgtk2

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