npm Module build failed: Error: No PostCSS Config found in:

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Module build failed: error: no postcss config found in: NPM

The solution you are looking for on the Internet should mention the problem of the webpack version. Don’t think that when you upgrade the webpack version, some modules can’t keep up with the pace of upgrade, or they may not be updated, which leads to you upgrading the webpack and can’t find the configuration of postcss<
at present, the configuration of postcss found on NPM is webpack.config.js,
postcss.config.js is a special processing for webpack 3.0


I use Vue cli to create a project, and then if I want to change places, I just add node_ All files other than modules are copied to another file, and then transferred to GIT. You can re NPM run dev as you want. However, it can be displayed normally in the original location, but in the new file, it will report an error module build failed: error: no postcss config found in:/users/* * , which is very embarrassing


I checked the information on the Internet and said:

You need to create a new file postcss. Config. JS in the root file and add the following code:

module.exports = { 
  plugins: { 
    'autoprefixer': {browsers: 'last 5 version'} } }






then npm run dev.

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