Please connect the device in Xcode upgrade 11.7

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today, my little sister told me to give me the latest IOS test pack

For this kind of requirement, there must be a demand and it must be met immediately! Who knows Xcode keeps telling me

iPhone is not available.Pleasere connect the deviceļ¼

Yes, I thought it could be solved by re plugging, but I didn’t solve it by restarting the computer! At this time, I can only tell my little sister that I have to wait for a while, and this Xcode is in trouble again. Please forgive me for using flutter to develop and plug in IOS

Silently opened the degree Niang to check for a while, everybody said is the version is not right. With a flash in my head, I upgraded Xcode on September 2. This is my first running environment. I’ve heard that Xcode can’t be updated at will, otherwise there will be problems. But I can’t see a with red on it. Every time there is an update, it must be updated! Now open it and see what Xcode updates

Xcode said that IOS 13.7 system is supported now, but I quietly opened my mobile phone to see the version, 13.6.1! Why didn’t I update?At this time, I silently looked at all the iPhones in the office. It seems that not only my iPhone 5 has not been updated, but also the latest top configuration of the iPhone has not been updated! The idea of buying a new mobile phone has been called back and can be used again! Ha ha ha

Now how to do, holding the mobile phone for a long time, “about the mobile phone” there is a “system update”, after entering, there is a 13.7 version of the system can be updated, decisive update

Update complete, package, complete

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