Problems encountered by Fiddler packet capture tool

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problems encountered :

Open the browser, enter the BugFree of the virtual machine address of this machine, and you will be prompted that you cannot connect

[Fiddler] The connection to ‘’ failed.

Error: ConnectionRefused (0x274d).

System. Net. Sockets. Socketexception cannot connect because the target computer actively refuses.

At this time, I did not use Fiddler to capture packets and restart the virtual machine, but the same error was reported; So restart the browser, restart the computer does not help. Open the fiddler packet capture tool and report 502 error

After checking the HTTP status code on the Internet, the status code of 502 is: when the server working as a gateway or agent tries to execute the request, it receives an invalid response from the upstream server. That is, the network connection failed

solutions :

Method 1: the solution comes from the Internet, so I immediately try to modify it: in the filler options, remove the check in front of the option enable IPv6 (if available),

The specific path is tools – > Fiddler Options -> General -> Enable IPv6(if avaible)

However, the problem has not been solved after a meal of operation, and we continue to look for solutions:

Method 2: modify the hosts file and remove the comments in front of localhost. The path to the hosts file is as follows:


In this way, the problem is solved, and you can log in again.

Refer to the above methods

“ ”

3. Found that the problem has not been completely solved, after two days, the same problem still appeared, continue to find a way to solve….

Looking at the reference article again, I found that the biggest difference between me and the author was that although I didn’t open fiddler, my browser couldn’t access my virtual machine’s BugFree, so I went through the document “why can’t I log in to * *”, and found the problem. It turned out that my lampp didn’t start up…, which finally solved the problem.

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