QT Compilation error: invalid application of ‘sizeof’ to incomplete type ‘Qt3DRender::QPickEvent’

When you perform the pick operation on the entity in 3D, the result is a compilation error: invalid application of ‘sizeof’ to include type ‘qt3drender:: qpickevent’

Qt3DRender::QObjectPicker *picker = new Qt3DRender::QObjectPicker(m_ sphereEntity);
picker-> setHoverEnabled(true);
picker-> setEnabled(true);
connect(picker, & Qt3DRender::QObjectPicker::clicked, this, & SceneModifier::mouseClicked); // Error line

Slot function prototype: void mouseClick (qt3drender:: qpickevent * EVT)

Try to try to go, the result is that the header file does not contain, including the header file can

#include <QPickEvent>
The QPickEvent class holds information when an object is picked.
This is received as a parameter in most of the QObjectPicker component signals when picking succeeds.

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