[reprint] extjs sets the timeout of Ajax request

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In the Ajax requests in extjs, the default timeout of ext.ajax.request is 30 seconds. Sometimes we need to set a longer time for time-consuming operations. At this time, we need to change the timeout of ext.ajax.requse to a longer time. We can set the request timeout through ext.ajax.timeout

For example, if we have a time-consuming request that takes more than 30 seconds, we can modify the timeout by adding this statement before the code requested by ext.ajax.request

Ext.Ajax.timeout=90000;// 90 seconds

params:{dataï¼› data},
success:function (response, option) {
// your business code
failure:function () {alert (‘communication failure ‘);}


The first statement in the above paragraph changes the ext.ajax.request request timeout to 90 seconds

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