Solutions for invalid MySQL service name and install / Remove of the server denied

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When configuring wnmp (window + nginx + PHP + MySQL) , MySQL is used for testing. Here, MySQL borrows MySQL from the integrated environment xampp – lazy

1. Under the command-line mode of CMD, enter the directory of MySQL (the integrated environment used here, D:// xampp/MySQL/bin)
start MySQL: Net start MySQL and display “the service name is invalid”, that is, the MySQL service is not registered
register MySQL service: mysqld — install, display “Install/Remove of the Service denied!”

The reasons for these errors are: the current user is not an administrator enter the command line mode as an administrator: (1) right click “start” in the lower left corner of the system desktop and select “command prompt (administrator)”( 2) Right click the shortcut of cmd.exe to run as an administrator both methods can enter the command line of administrator mode. Then re-enter the MySQL directory, register the MySQL service first, and then start mysql, as shown in the following figure:

To stop the MySQL service, enter the command net stop MySQL:

2. View MySQL version: Enter MySQL – V in command line mode, or enter status in MySQL

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