[Solved] Browser Error: Failed to decode downloaded font and OTS parsing error: Failed to convert *** font to ***

Last night, when I was doing something I was interested in, I found that the browser alarm failed to decode downloaded font and OTS parsing error: failed to convert * * * font to * * *.

However, I have never encountered this problem. After looking for the answer on the Internet for a while, I found a similar question. Some netizens guessed that the interceptor failed, so I checked Shiro’s interception configuration:

<property name="filterChainDefinitions">
                /assets/** = anon
                /css/** = anon
                /**= user

But this configuration is theoretically OK, so it’s not this problem.

After consulting some materials today, we found the possible reasons:

When Maven’s filter parses the font file, it destroys the binary file format of the font file, resulting in browser parsing errors.

The solution is: the font file does not need a filter, so we need to set it in the configuration (springboot is written in pom.xml):

            <!-- fonts file cannot use filter as the data structure of byte file will be changed via filter -->

After the configuration shown above, Maven does not parse the font file when compiling the project, the browser will not give an alarm, and the font can be displayed normally.

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