[Solved] Error running ‘CableApplicationStart’: Command line is too long.


First find the idea/workspace.xml file in the project, then find the <component name="PropertiesComponent"></component >tag, and then add a line to the component tag <property name="dynamic.classpath" value="true" />


This option controls how the classpath is passed to the JVM: through the command line, or through a file. Most operating systems have a maximum command line limit. When this limit is exceeded, IDEA will not be able to run applications. When the command line length exceeds 32768 characters, IDEA recommends that you switch to the dynamic classpath. The long class path is written to a file, which is then read by the application launcher and loaded by the system class loader. If you are interested in implementation details, you can check IDEA Community edition source code, JdkUtil.java file, setupJVMCommandLine method.

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