This problem is more likely to appear on the simulator, because some applications use the native library (NDK). The compilation target of these libraries is usually the CPU of arm architecture. Running on X86 will report such an error. For example, I took a look at the error reporting application, and sure enough, there are a lot of so in lib

$ ls lib/armeabi/libapp_BaiduMapApplib_v2_1_1.so liblocSDK3.so libvi_voslib.so libyc.so

A simple solution is to change the emulator to an ARM architecture.


INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS is when you are trying to install an app that has native libraries and it doesn’t have a native library for your cpu architecture. For example if you compiled an app for armv7 and are trying to install it on an emulator that uses the Intel architecture instead it will not work.

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