[Solved] SVN Error: “Failed to run the WC DB work queue associated with”

Error message:

E rror:Error performing cleanup for ‘D:\Personal\Sha\Work\FE\SVN\feauto\feauto\trunk\fe_ server’: svn: E155009: Failed to run the WC DB work queue associated with ‘D:\Personal\Sha\Work\FE\SVN\feauto\feauto\trunk\fe_ server’, work item 1393 (file-install feauto/trunk/fe_ client/config/db.yaml 1 0 1 1)
svn: E720005: Can’t move ‘D:\Personal\Sha\Work\FE\SVN\feauto\.svn\tmp\svn-BEA58468’ to ‘D:\Personal\Sha\Work\FE\SVN\feauto\feauto\trunk\fe_ client\config\db.yaml’: � ܾ ���� ʡ �

Error reason:

In SVN checkout/commit/update, if there is an unrecognized symbol in the file name, the checkout operation will block other operations, including cleanup

Error resolution:

Solution: empty the SVN queue

1. Download sqlite3.exe

2. Find the. SVN file of your project and check whether wc.db exists

3. Put sqlite3.exe in the same level directory of .SVN

4. Start CMD to execute SQLite3. SVN/WC. DB “select * from work_queue”;

5. If you see a lot of records, the next step is to delete from work_queue;

6. OK, now in the project, the implementation of cleanup, no problem, the icon state has been restored

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