[Solved] Ubuntu Startup Errors were found while checking the disk-drive for /

The main reason for this error is that the hard disk fails to pass the test. Here are two ways to avoid this problem:

Modify grub

This method is quite popular on the Internet. Post it directly:

When entering the Startup menu of Ubuntu, select * Ubuntu with the cursor, and press the e key on the keyboard to enter the startup item editing mode

Use the cursor to locate the position as shown in the figure below, change RO to RW, and press F10 to guide the system according to the modified parameters

Enter sudo GEDIT/etc/grub.d/10_ Enter after lupin:

Enter the user password and press enter to call the text editor to open the boot item configuration file, and replace ro ${args} with RW ${args}

Save the file, then sudo update grub updates grub, and restart

Disable hard disk detection

The first method may lead to similar problems in the future. The most fundamental method is to prohibit Ubuntu from checking the hard disk when it starts. So how to prohibit it

Modify the/etc/fstab file, change the last digit 1/2 of the corresponding line of each mount item to 0, and then save it

# < file system> < mount point> < type> < options> < dump> < pass>

#/was on /dev/sda1 during installation

UUID=80c83157-8cfd-46e8-be12-993d5fcb6c20/ ext4 defaults 0 0

# /boot was on /dev/sda6 during installation

UUID=04197eeb-babf-4568-8686-cf4a31751827 /boot ext4 defaults 0 0

# /opt was on /dev/sda5 during installation

UUID=8685f4ea-3b2e-4bce-a729-a7a0629925f1 /opt ext4 defaults 0 0

# swap was on /dev/sda7 during installation

UUID=90de3311-1664-4532-8677-fa1f665af82a none swap sw 0 0


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