[Solved] Vue3 wow.js Error: Cannot set property ‘getPropertyValue’ of undefined

The original wowjs can be used normally in vue2 project, but an error will be reported in vue3 project.

Error message:

Cannot set property 'getPropertyValue' of undefined

You need to use wow.js instead in the vue3 project

  1. Install wow.js (note that wow.js is not wowjs)
npm install wow.js --save
# or
yarn add wow.js
      2. install animate.css
npm install animate.css --save
# or
yarn add animate.css
  1. Configure animate.css in main.ts/main.js
import animated from "animate.css";


4. Use wow.js in components

import WOW from "wow.js";

mounted() {
    var wow = new WOW({
      boxClass: "wow", // animated element css class (default is wow)
      animateClass: "animated", // animation css class (default is animated)
      offset: 0, // distance to the element when triggering the animation (default is 0)
      mobile: true, // trigger animations on mobile devices (default is true)
      live: true, // act on asynchronously loaded content (default is true)
      callback: function (box) {
        // the callback is fired every time an animation is started
        // the argument that is passed in is the DOM node being animated
      scrollContainer: null, // optional scroll container selector, otherwise use window,
      resetAnimation: true, // reset animation on end (default is true)

5. Configure parameters on the HTML element to be animated. For more animation effects, please refer to animate.css

  <section class="wow slideInLeft" data-wow-duration="2s" data-wow-delay="5s"></section>
  <section class="wow slideInRight" data-wow-offset="10"  data-wow-iteration="10"></section>

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