[Solved] Working copy locked occurs when SVN commit

my solution

According to the online sorting method to find the. SVN file, but did not find the lock file

Later, I cleaned it under working copy and Xcode, and it was successful when I submitted

Here is an excerpt of the methods of online collation

windows solution (not confirmed yet)

windows solution

1. If cleanup doesn’t work, you have to delete the locked file manually

2. CD to your own SVN project directory, such as

cd /Users/apple/Documents/zhang_demo/MedicalService

3. Then execute the following command

del lock /q/s

Just delete the lock

MAC solution (not confirmed yet)

MAC solution

1. Manually search and delete

First start to show hidden files

Go to your project directory and see the. SVN folder

Find the lock file in the folder and delete it

2. Find and delete with tools






Through easyfind software, find the lock file under the corresponding SVN and delete it

Or find the hidden file of. SVN through showallfiles, and then find the lock file inside, and delete it

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