Sourcetree — reprint the large file of sourcetree, upload prompt post git receive pack (chunked) related problem record

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Two days ago, baidu map’s SDK was updated. After the update, it was uploaded to GitHub through sourcetree. The result shows: Post git receive pack (chunked)

After online query, I learned that the reason for this prompt is that we have just updated Baidu’s SDK, resulting in the update file is too large and beyond the upload limit. It is also very simple to solve this problem:

1: open sourcetree and click settings in the upper right corner

2. In the pop-up box, click Edit Profile in the lower left corner

3. Add the following code at the bottom of the pop-up text file:


postBuffer = 524288000

This probably means that the buffer memory is increased, which solves the problem of large file upload

But the key point is that even if you add this, the upload will still prompt “post git receive pack (89238423 bytes)”, and it may not change in a few minutes. What’s the matter

In fact, it means that the data is currently being packaged and transferred. We just need to wait. The waiting time depends on the size of the file you update. It is possible to wait for an afternoon if it is too large. What we need to do is not to close it, do something else and transfer it when we come back

The successful interface is as follows:


When “post git receive pack (chunked)” appears, add:


postBuffer = 524288000

Then submit again, and “post git receive pack (89238423 bytes)” will appear. At this time, just wait. Don’t close it. If you close it, you may have to retransmit it. Just wait all the time

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