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[Solved] CentOS Install Oracle19c Error: /lib//libclntsh.so: file format not recognized; treating as linker script

Environment: centos7.6 oracle19c

To install an Oracle 19C server on Linux, I have not touched the Linux command for a long time. I have almost forgotten about it. After experiencing the problem of no permission (I have permission to view the file attributes, and finally reset the MKDIR path), xdpyinfo and so on, when I finally entered the graphical interface, I had a crash problem

Graphical installation, in the pre check after the install step to report the error dialog box: figure no error, the content is as follows

makefile ‘/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_ 1/rdbms/lib/ins_ Target ‘libasmclntsh19.ohso libasmperl19.ohso client’ of RDBMS. MK ‘_ Error in sharedlib ‘. Please refer to ‘/ TMP/installactions2021-02-04_ 03-36-27PM/installActions2021-02-04_ 03-36-27PM.log’

Then I went to check the error file and found the following:

/usr/bin/ld:/u01/app/oracle/product/19.2.0/db_ 1/lib//libclntsh.so: file format not recognized; treating as linker script

/usr/bin/ld:/u01/app/oracle/product/19.2.0/db_ 1/lib//libclntsh.so:1: syntax error

lib// libclntsh.so How can there be two libclntsh.so//

solution process:

Baidu first, as like as two peas, someone and I have the same problem, the same mistake. Please click the link to set up 1 according to his method. There’s only one environment. His method 2 doesn’t work

Take a look at the actual error. Go to lib and find the libclntsh.so file. It exists, and it’s under lib /. How can there be one more /?View the. Bash of Oracle users_ profile,ORACLE_ HOME,LIB_ Path and other configuration items, no problem, no more writing after lib/

Bing international, there are some foreigners who have encountered this problem in Oracle support. Can we solve this problem?I’m glad to go in and disappointed to come out. The answer is to support the account. It’s a real pit

Let’s take a look at the online installation tutorials (some of the tutorials are pitiful, there are obvious errors, copy and paste if you don’t write them well…), check one by one, I suddenly find a problem, in the tutorial, unzip command is used to unzip, and I unzip the 19C zip package under windows, and then copy the unzip content to CentOS machine with winscp, sure enough, I put the zip package on CentOS, unzip it, and then install it. Finally, this shit problem is gone… Who would have thought

Summary: in the future, things in Linux must be decompressed on Linux