Unable to enter the interface after startup of Ubuntu 18.04 [failed command: read DMA]

With multi-dimensional model as the core, let the factory digital transformation and upgrading “within reach”>>>

Machine configuration: Lenovo think_ D20 workstation, default configuration, hard disk manually wired to raid mode

For the same machine, similar problems have occurred before running openSUSE. However, due to the total ticket skipping of openSUSE update links and the need of some tools, Ubuntu 18.04 has been replaced recently. This problem has not been thoroughly solved before

Solution process:


view the problem information,
echo the basically same boot problem information: failed command: read DMA
combined with the content of/etc/fstab, It is roughly estimated that it is the “/ disk” in fstab as sdc5 in raid hard disk_ It should be that the hard disk mounted as/dev/sdc5 is faulty or even damaged
using # dmesg | grep ATA2
can also see the corresponding error information

leave the idea of commenting out the corresponding line in fstab for the time being, and look at other solutions first


Use fsck to scan and repair the hard disk (note umount first)

and then prompt e2fsck – B XXX & lt; dev>, The corresponding operation
# e2fsck – B 8193/dev/sdc5
can’t end the cycle, instead use
# e2fsck – B 32768/dev/sdc5
to prompt for confirmation in the middle, select y (yes) to repair, after several times of Y, a (all) will be prompted to default to all

this method is currently being used, and the effect will be reported again

—————————Feedback of the following results:

The use of e2fsck makes the sound of the hard disk become louder in the process of rotation, which seems to be more thorough. Finally, the first method is still used, that is, to comment out the corresponding hard mount line in fstab

In the end, the problem hard disk was removed

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