Vue3.0+Element-plus Error: Uncaught SyntaxError: The requested module ‘/node_modules/.vite/vue.js?v=47282544’ does not provide an export named ‘createElementBlock’

This should be a temporary error. The official will fix it later

The temporary solution is to modify the Vue version and reinstall I

The specific steps are as follows

1 delete node_ Modules folder and package-lock.json

rm .\package-lock.json
rm .\node_modules

2. Modify package.json

"dependencies": {
    "amis": "^1.2.3-beta.4",
    "element-plus": "^1.0.2-beta.70",
    "vue": "^3.2.4"  <----Change the version number to 3.2.2 or higher in this line

3 reinstall I, but add — force to force installation, otherwise an error will be reported

 npm i --force

Try it. OK, you won’t report mistakes

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