Windows one click restore, shadowcopy error – user affected limit

Windows comes with a restore backup feature that uses shadowcopy technology at the bottom.

This technology uses a copy on write approach, when each time there is a new IO, the old data will be copied out, and then write the new IO

Recently, the interface was called with the error “Event ID 36, User Imposed Limit”, which was found after investigation. When the shadow volume reports the error “User Imposed Limit”, the most likely reason is that the disk where the shadow volume is created is out of space and needs to be expanded.


How to Fix VolSnap 36 Error User Imposed Limit – Volume Snapshot VolSnap 36 event ID may show up as error: Volume Snapshot Driver, Diff Area health issues

Event ID 36
Source volsnap

The shadow copies of volume C: were aborted because the shadow copy storage could not grow due to user imposed limit or a related message. Basically VolSnap 36 is an error event that signals an issue with the diff area being used by VSS.

It could be:

a low limit for the diff area, see

a disk I/O issue

a bad sector on disk: use chkdsk X: /b to check for bad blocks (may require a reboot)

system load is too high for the diff area to grow fast enough

a corrupt file system issue. Use Chkdsk with /r option, better use /b to also check for bad sectors

The most common cause is #1. Use the solution in the article linked above; however, checking the other potentialities may also be a good idea if the disk hasn’t been checked in a while.

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