An error occurred during local report processing: report definition has an invalid target namespace

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An error occurred during local report processing exception

There are many reasons for this exception. The following describes the exception caused by the vs version problem:

The report definition has an invalid target namespace ‘ ‘ which cannot be upgraded.

This error occurred when the RDLC report was modified

At that time, I wanted to add a new RDLC report template. I copied an original RDLC report, modified it on the basis of the original report, and then saved it. After looking at the report code, I found that the report’s namespace changed from 2008 to 2016, and the report code format changed. Then I madly reported that error


Will: & lt; Report xmlns=” ” xmlns:rd=” “>

Change to: & lt; Report xmlns=” ” xmlns:rd=” “>


< ReportSection>
< ReportSections>

Don’t delete the middle content of the node

</ ReportSection>
</ ReportSections>


< ReportParametersLayout>< & lt/ ReportParametersLayout>

Save and the previous format will be restored

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