Consider using the `–user` option or check the permissions.

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This is because of a permission issue and was rejected

Add — user on the command line

For example:

pip install opencv-contrib-python –user


The face module is not actually a part of OpenCV library. More specifically, face is part of the opencv contrib library. From the readme file:

This repository [opencv contrib] is used to develop so-called “extra” modules and provide functions. New modules usually don’t have a stable API, and they haven’t been well tested. Therefore, they should not be released as part of the official opencv distribution because the library maintains binary compatibility and attempts to provide good performance and stability

Opencv contrib needs to be installed separately. As @ James points out (in a now deleted comment), the current easy way to get a python version is:

pip install opencv-contrib-python –user

After running the PIP call above, your code should work properly

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