DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-805, SQLSTATE=51002 Resolution

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The possible reasons for qlcode are as follows:

*The package is unbound or deleted

*If you try to run a DB2 utility or a cli application, the DB2 utility may need to

Rebind to database

*”%. Pkgname”, if current package path is set, but in current package path

A package with the name ‘pkgname’ was not found in any pattern in path

Note that when you use the version identifier for a given package schema. Package name version identifier, you can

There can be packages defined with the same package pattern and package name, but the correct package is not found

The reason is that the existing package is inconsistent with the requested version or consistency token. The package must match the name of the package

All three parts match. When multiple versions are in use, the additional reasons for this message are:

*The version of the executing application is precompiled, compiled, and linked but unbound, or bound but unbound

This version of the package was later removed

*The application is precompiled and bound, but not compiled and/or linked, so the executing application

It’s not up to date

*The package is not precompiled by a modified source file that is built, compiled, and linked to the application executable

Bind to the binding file generated by precompiling the source file of

*The new application is bound with the same name (and version) as the existing package, thus replacing the existing one

Package for. Running the application associated with the replacement package causes this error

In all of these cases, the requested consistency token does not match the existing version consistency token, so the

Package not found for

The statement cannot be processed

User response:

Specify the correct package name or bind the program. If the running application is not bound to the database

Contact your database administrator to perform the required binding. Ensure that the executing application or object module

Is compiled and linked modified source code associated with precompiling and binding of the build package

If current package path is set, make sure that it is specified in current package path

This article describes the pattern that includes the package

You can use the following SQL statements to query the directory to determine if there are different versions of the package:



WHERE PKGSCHEMA=’pkgschema’ and PKGNAME=’pkgname’.

Pay attention to unique_ The ID column corresponds to the consistency tag

If the DB2 utility needs to rebind to the database, then when you connect to the database, the database management

You can do this by issuing one of the following CLP commands from the Bnd subdirectory of the instance:

*For the DB2 utility, issue “DB2 bind @ db2ubind.lst blocking all grant”


*For cli, issue “DB2 bind @ db2cli.lst blocking all grant public”

Federated system users: ensure that the necessary packages for the federated server are bound on the applicable data source. Please refer to

Federated systems guide to learn more about binding packages to data sources

sqlcode: -805

sqlstate: 51002

DB2 SQL error: sqlcode = – 805, sqlstate = 51002 solution

If this error occurs when operating a large amount of data, it means that it is not because the package used by DB2 is not bound, but because the resources are not released, resulting in insufficient resources that can use this package, resulting in unable to connect resources. There are two solutions to this situation

Method 1: treat the symptoms but not the root cause, rebind the package, and then allocate more resources for the use of the package

Method 2: treat both the symptoms and the root causes. In the program, after using the objects such as Preparedstatement, statement, callablestatement, resultset and connection, you must call the close() method to release the resources. If you do not release the resources, there will be some problems when you operate a large amount of data. DB2 SQL error: sqlcode = – 805, Sqlstate = 51002 error is one of them. This kind of error only needs to close all the used Preparedstatement, statement, callablestatement, resultset and connection objects in the code [that is, call the close() method], and the best closing order is: 1 > ResultSet 2> PreparedStatement ,Statement,CallableStatement 3> Connection

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