Error in importing web project from eclipse

        It mainly uses SVN checkout to a web project, and then imports it into eclipse to run. Normally, there should be no problem, but sometimes there are problems. After reading other people’s blogs and really solving the problem, just record it. Because there are many pits, if you want to fall and get up again, you will have an inexplicable emotion

1、 Items have red exclamation marks

        If you import the project into eclipse, the project will have a red exclamation point, and there is no error in the code content. Everyone who came out of Baidu online said that either the JDK version was wrong or there was a problem with the jar package

        Right click the project and select “build path —— > Configure   “Build path”, and then you can see the error item prompted under the libraries column

        My fault is that there is a jar package missing. There is a red cross in front of the jar package and parentheses behind it. Remove the jar package and proceed to the next step

2、 Error when starting Tomcat

        When the project is started, Tomcat starts to report errors


      1、The required Server component failed to start so Tomcat is unable to start.

       This error can be double clicked   server   Check the box beginning with publish in an options in the overview

      2. Org.apache.catalina.lifecycleexception: failed to start component exception

      This is mainly caused by the problem of jar package. There are two methods to solve it

   ( 1)   You can download the missing jar package and add it

          My fault is that I deleted the jar package that reported the error and did not import it

    ( 2) This is found on Baidu. It can also solve my current situation. I don’t know the specific principle

          In the Tomcat configuration file/conf/ (about 122 lines)

            After adding *. Jar
            Change to:

Of course, the above decision is based on the blog of many unknown friends on Baidu after their own pit. It’s not an absolute solution. After falling into the pit, look at the solutions of many friends to make yourself less flustered. Thank you for sharing


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